Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ok, Ok! Once again we have failed to update our blog. It has been a while since our last post and we have been chewed out a few times now for not updating. We have came to the conclusion that we better update or we won't be able to show you all how exciting our lives are. So here's whats been going on behind the scene of the Halbert household.


Just recently Jared and I found out some exciting news. Once we were married we decided to take the next step in our lives, maybe a little earlier than we expected. A few weeks ago I decided to pee on a stick. Well that stick happened to be a pregnancy test. To my surprise it showed up positive! I decided I wanted to surprise Jared that morning when he got back from feeding our neighbors dog. I created this scavenger hunt for him. When he walked in the door there was a paper that said, "Solve the clues that will lead you to your surprise." In each room there was a clue telling where the next one would be. Finally it lead to our bedroom where I had laid a paper saying, "Congrats you are going to be a father," with the positive pregnancy on top of it. He was shocked! We both can't be any more excited and we are looking forward to being parents. Wow, that sounds so weird!

Yep, this is the actual stick I peed on!


One thing Jared and I have been really busy with is weddings. I can't believe how many people have got married in the past few months. It has been a crazy few months. We even have a few more coming up in the next few weeks. Jared has been shooting a few weddings lately. His pictures look amazing! If anyone needs pictures done give Jared a call. He can do anything from family photos to weddings, you name it. One wedding I particularly enjoyed was one of my very best friends Caitlin Owens, who is actually Caitlin Beach now. I am glad to see my friends settling down and starting a life with their soul mate. On Caitlin's bridle shower invitation there was this saying that I love. It read, "You don't marry someone you can live with, you marry someone you can't live without." At least I think that is how it went, somewhere within those lines. This I agree with 100%.

Just a few out of hundreds of amazing pictures Jared has taken!

Congrats to Derek and Kaela on October 11th!


Me and Jared were called to be Sunday School Teachers for the precious Sunbeams. We absolutely adore them. There are only four of them in this picture, but we actually have six all together. The two that are missing are Jenna and Birkley, cute kids also. These kids have been such a blessing to our lives. They are smart little buggers too!

Phoenix Mercury Game!

Those of you who do not know who the Mercury team is, let me tell you. Pretty much they are the girls Sun's basketball team. These girls are hard core and believe me when I say you would not want to fight them. Their muscles are HUGE!!! Besides us, the rest of the stands were filled with dikes.

Outside the Mercury Game

Chillin with Amare Stoudemire

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

To celebrate the wonderful Independence Day, the Allen clan took a journey to Tumble Weed Park. There they had the blow up bouncy for kids and a giant blow up water slide. The weather was blazing hot, until the monsoon winds came rushing through. It ended up cooling the temperature down by quite a few degrees. It ended up being a fun family adventure with Karri, Greg, Chelsea, Abby Dabby Doo, and some of Greg's family.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Apologetic Note

We apologize for misbehaving and not updating our blog. We take full responsibility for our actions. Therefore, this time we are making our update extra special and exciting. There have been quite a few events that have occurred in our lives in the past few months. Here are just a few:


We went to the Diamondback game back in May.

Police Concert

Sting put on an alright show. The drummer, Stewart Copeland, put on the best show.


We went camping with our father and his fiances family up in Woods Canyon Lake for a few days. It was very fun and we got to get to know each other better. It happens. Besides riding around on quads, sitting around the campfire, eating, and playing camping games, we fished. This is obviously what Woods Canyon Lake is all about. After fishing for hours morning and night, we came home with zero fish and zero bites. Next time we'll be sure to use different colored poles and glow in the dark fishing line.

We had the opportunity to attend a Halbert Family Vaca this past week and a half. The Vaca took place in Nauvoo, IL and Branson, MO. This was a good opportunity to get to know our family members better and enjoy each others company. We had peeps from Reno, NV and even Tucson, AZ. Here are some events that occurred:

Toured Carthage Jail. The place where Joseph Smith was martyred.

The Beautiful Nauvoo Temple.

As you all now the pioneers back in the day had to make everything by hand. This is a picture of me and Jared struggling as we try to make our own rope. I don't think we would have done too well as pioneers.

Shaun, Jared, Brandon, and Erin, Brandon's girlfriend, playing like the pioneers.

Yep, he actually ended up falling in love with me.

Well what
do you know, we even look cute dressed as pioneers.

Taking a tour through the Caverns.

Trail walking through the pretty woods.

We took a duck ride on this odd looking vehicle. The reason why they call it the duck ride is because one second you are driving on land, then the next you are driving through the water in the middle of a lake.

We also went to a billion amusement parks. One was a water park.....bangin. There was entertainment every night, so we went to three different shows. Singing, dancing, music, and what not. We call it a Las Vegas for AARP subscribers. One of the many restaurants we ate at was called Lamberts. In this restaurant they served hot yummy rolls. When a roll was wanted, all you had to do was yell, "Roll" and a roll came flying through the air. Another restaurant we ate at was one where the waiters and waitresses would sing to you while you ate. Every few minutes a waiter or waitress would grab the mic and bust a jam. One of the fellas was on American Idol this last season.

More pics are to come.

Most of you know my precious niece Abby. She had her very first dance concert this past weekend, that Jared and I attended to. We went straight home from the airport on Saturday evening from our very long family vacation to drop off our stuff, then headed right over to the dance concert. She was dress in a cute little mouse outfit, with her hair all curly. She was such an angel. It was totally worth going to see.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Wisdom Teeth

Ice, Ice, Baby

This was after Jared fed Candice pudding like a baby. Her mouth was numb and she couldn't feel the mess she was making.

And wasted

This weekend Candice got her wisdom teeth pulled. Now she is no longer full of wisdom. This becomes more especially clear when she's on the pain killers. After the operation she was being wheeled out to the truck and decided to throw up the peace sign. She recovered like a champ. No swelling, no pain.

The boring stuff.....WORK

We both have new jobs...in a way. Candice has been promoted at AST Capital Trust to work in the operations department, which deals with updating broker and third party administrative info. Also making sure fund companies are up to date on important life or death information. Jared's new/old hobby is photography. Although doing it since high school, he has more recently tried to make a penny or two doing it. He's shot two weddings in the last month. With a few more events scheduled this year. We are both very excited as we learn and grow in our new fields.

The Claw

let us catch you up on our lives. Our hobby is the claw machines (you know, the stuffed animal machine like the one on Toy Story). We started doing this on our honeymoon and soon were caught in its addicting snare. Every time we see a machine, we have to play it. We now have eleven of those fur balls. Probably spent a total of $30. Some of you may laugh, but hey, it's better than those of you who spend this money on fast food, or the latest dvd, or a new hair doo, or a run down victory lane at Speedway, oh wait, that would have been funner. Candice's favorite is the little purple dinosaur on the left side of the picture. Making sure Jared had it when we were at Dave and Busters this last week. His hands were full of stuffed toys and she kept checking to make sure the little purple dinosaur was still there. Jared's favorite is the Simpson mom. One of our goals is to get the whole Simpson family. So keep your eyes open and if you see a character from the simpsons in a glass cage with a claw above it, then please contact us via text message with the address and location.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Honeymoon Pictures

Orlando area

Nassau, Bahamas

Coco Cay, Bahamas

Safety First

No flash photography please

Kicking Jeff Gordon's tail


After being married for a month, Candice got pissed at Jared and said that the first honeymoon wasn't good enough. So here we are in Orlando, Fl. hanging out by the castle. We came to the conclusion that there are about 6 different Mickey Mouses. They were everywhere. It's bad enough to have our government lie to us, now we have Disney lying to children and adults from all over the world. We started the trip off with an airplane flight. Driving to Florida was just to much, and we sure as heck weren't going to walk. We left on a Sunday and by Monday we were on a cruise to the Bahamas. The first stop was Coco Cay, Bahamas. It was a little cay owned by Royal Carribean Cruise Line. While we were taking a walk through the ocean we came across a few sharks. It was neat to be so close and watch them swim by our skinny legs. The next island/city we went to was Nassau, Bahamas. We spent the day in the streets shopping and spending money we didn't have. It was a lot of fun though. Once we got back to Florida, we hit up MGM Studios for the day. The shows were entertaining and the rides were pretty deace. After spending all day there we decided to use the next day to find Mickey and Minnie. Saturday morning we woke up and headed to Disney World. It was a great honeymoon.


After three arguments and two fist fights, we decided that we were going to make a blog. This is our first time exploring so deep into the internet world. We are rookies so excuse us if at times it seems boring. For all we know, we may get tired of keeping it up to date and never write another thing. We hope to keep this consistent so that those of our family who don't answer the cell phones when we call can still be kept up to date on the Halbert's life. We are now living in Southcentral Mesa in new condos built by DR Horton. Although we are very blessed with such a nice home, we have been unsatisfied with the quality of workmanship that has gone into it. The neighbors that we do know are great. The problem is getting to know them. Most of the people in here will pull into their garage and shut the door behind them, without a hint of "was up." We went to a BBQ yesterday with Shawn and Tamara in the condos. The host was a friend of T's and he works at the credit union. Very nice people who are freshly married of 10 months. One thing that we have here in the Tesoro (community in which we live) is a billion and a half dogs. I think everyone that moved here came from a place in which animals were not allowed. Everyone, but us, has a dog. You pull in and see a couple people checking their mail, each with a leash in hand and a dog at the other end of it. They are all puppies, as of now, and will only get bigger and louder as time goes on. This also will mean that their poops in the greenbelt will get bigger and smellier. Anyhow, I'm going to sign off for now and see how this will turn out on the blog.