Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We had the opportunity to attend a Halbert Family Vaca this past week and a half. The Vaca took place in Nauvoo, IL and Branson, MO. This was a good opportunity to get to know our family members better and enjoy each others company. We had peeps from Reno, NV and even Tucson, AZ. Here are some events that occurred:

Toured Carthage Jail. The place where Joseph Smith was martyred.

The Beautiful Nauvoo Temple.

As you all now the pioneers back in the day had to make everything by hand. This is a picture of me and Jared struggling as we try to make our own rope. I don't think we would have done too well as pioneers.

Shaun, Jared, Brandon, and Erin, Brandon's girlfriend, playing like the pioneers.

Yep, he actually ended up falling in love with me.

Well what
do you know, we even look cute dressed as pioneers.

Taking a tour through the Caverns.

Trail walking through the pretty woods.

We took a duck ride on this odd looking vehicle. The reason why they call it the duck ride is because one second you are driving on land, then the next you are driving through the water in the middle of a lake.

We also went to a billion amusement parks. One was a water park.....bangin. There was entertainment every night, so we went to three different shows. Singing, dancing, music, and what not. We call it a Las Vegas for AARP subscribers. One of the many restaurants we ate at was called Lamberts. In this restaurant they served hot yummy rolls. When a roll was wanted, all you had to do was yell, "Roll" and a roll came flying through the air. Another restaurant we ate at was one where the waiters and waitresses would sing to you while you ate. Every few minutes a waiter or waitress would grab the mic and bust a jam. One of the fellas was on American Idol this last season.

More pics are to come.


Josh & Amber said...

Yay I'm so glad you posted more pictures! Just remember blogs are really good journals, you can even print them up and pay a decent price for a good looking journal! Looks good guys! Glad we could see you yesterday. And Candice lunch is still going for saturday. I'll call you with more info when I get it. Think of somewhere you would like to go and me and tori will as well! Love you both! Keep trying for a baby please!!! ;-) Jared get some practice!!!