Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lake Tahoe, California / Reno, Navada Trip!

Jared's parents took us on a adventurous trip for a week to Lake Tahoe. I have never been and didn't know what to expect. Man was it gorgeous!!! We drove up Sunday night and stayed at a hotel in Las Vegas. We then finished the rest of the drive to Lake Tahoe Monday morning. Like I had mentioned before Jared's parents are very good at finding great deals on Condos, so we ended up staying in this really nice Condo in Lake Tahoe for the week. On Tuesday we drove up to Reno to visit Khyl and Danielle, Jared's brother and his wife. Tuesday was the day that they throw me the surprise shower. Wednesday we took an awesome Snowmobile tour in the mountains at Lake Tahoe. I was a little hesetent at first to go because of how far a long I am, but it turned out to be a lot of fun! Those pictures will be posted later, we haven't received them yet. Thursday we spent half the day in Lake Tahoe walking around the shops and stuff. Then we ended up in Reno for the second half of the day hanging out at Khyl and Danielle's house. Friday we packed up our stuff at the Condo and headed down to Reno to stay with Khyl and Danielle for the night. On our way there we stop off at some shops. Jared brought some really nice cowboy boots that took him over an hour to decide on buying. That night we went to the beautiful Reno Temple. We headed on our journy home early Saturday morning. The trip ended up being a lot of fun! Thank you so much to Mom and Dad Halbert for making all this possible. They are such sweethearts.

Reno Temple

Lake Tahoe


My wonderful Mother in Law and Jared's Sister in Law decided to throw me a surprise baby shower while we were in Reno. I was not expecting this at all! Jared's grandma and his two aunts and cousin came all the way from Utah to Reno just for my baby shower. They are such sweethearts. The baby shower was a blast! They put so much hard work into this and I felt so special. And can you believe this awesome cake that Jared's sister in law (Danielle) had made. Jared's side of the family are very talented, they made me some wonderful things for Jaxon.


My wonderful family and I had the opportunity to go to Sedona for the weekend about a month ago. Jared's parents are great at finding really good deals on Condo and things all around the U.S. They found a good deal in Sedona and allowed me and my family to go and stay there. It was so nice to get away for the weekend. The weather was perfect! And who new that Sedona could be so beautiful? My mom of course loved it, she is such a nature freak! We were able to go on a really nice hike to veiw the gorgeous mountains. Also, we went on a little tour of the Indian Ruins, that was neat!