Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Day!

So Jared decided to celebrate Valentines this year. I wasn't expecting anything big or romantic, but boy was I wrong. We had gone to this swap meet two weekends ago and when we were there I had found the most dreamy purse ever! He remembered that so this pass weekend he took me back there and let me get the purse! We also went to our ward Valentines party which couldn't be more cheesey. There was candle light dinner with Italian music playing and a really nice dinner served of spaghetti. We then were chosen to play a newly wed game with a few other couples. Yes, we did get last place, but hey it doesn't mean we aren't meant for each other. It just means we need to communicate more :). So anyways then there was slow dancing after wards which Jared doesn't do, so we just kind of goofed around on the dance floor. Then on Monday he took me to see the Valentines movie, I loved it! Thanks to my wonderful, sweet husband this Valentines weekend was amazing!

Friday, February 12, 2010

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So I got such great advice from people about ways I can keep myself busy being a stay at home mom, that I just need to ask for more advice. When I was about 7 years old I ended up cracking one of my back teeth. The tooth ended up with a cavity on it and as time went on got worse. When I got old enough to take care of my own needs I had a really good job with great benefits, so I decided to take care of that roughen tooth. The dentist gave me two options, one he can do a root canal on it but a few years down the road it will just get bad again OR he could just remove it and I can get an implant later. He did informed me that option two would be costly, but I went for it anyways. I got the tooth removed and then time past and I got married and then a precious baby boy came along. I chose to quit my job that I was at for 3 years and become a full time mommy. With quitting the job that meant no more insurance for me, but I was ok with that. Until I realized I really needed that implant. With insurance the implant would have been about 1,000 dollars. I called today to get the price on implants without insurance and guess what it was 4,180 dollars!!! So my advice I would like to get from all of you is what are ways that I could earn that much money in a year without getting a full time job? I already do preschool but that only gets me $200 a month. So please, please anyone with advice please hit me up. Thanks! And if any of you are wondering why in the world I am going to get the implant here is why. My teeth will eventually start to shift to close in the hole and my teeth that were once in the back will be in the front. That would not be a pretty site.