Friday, March 19, 2010


Jaxon got sick about a month ago. He wasn't getting any better so we took him to the doctor. The doctor took a sample of Jaxon's snot and sent it into the lab. Test results came back and he had RSV. RSV is a virus that goes around at a certain time of year that affects the baby's lungs, so they have a hard time breathing and stuff. Well for about a week and a half we had to give him treatments about 4 times a day. Now I am excited to say he has fully recovered and is healthy again!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cameron's New Room!

My brother was chosen at the hospital to get a room make over from Room For Joy. They sent him and my mom away for the weekend so they could get to work. The people gave Cameron and my mom a place to stay and tons of gift card to keep themselves busy. I don't have before pictures which I wish I did. The transformations these people did on his room are amazing! Here are just a few pictures of the new room. Oh, my camera died so I didn't even get the picture of his closet, that they completely changed to look like an elevator! CRAZY!

The buildings were made out of carpet!

This is one whole wall! Someone hand painted this entire thing!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pinewood Derby!

So I kind of failed to mention that I was called to be a Scouts leader for my church. I have been in it for about a month and I love it! Here are some pictures from the Pinewood Derby last week.

Jaxon loved when the cars went down the track.