Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ok, Ok! Once again we have failed to update our blog. It has been a while since our last post and we have been chewed out a few times now for not updating. We have came to the conclusion that we better update or we won't be able to show you all how exciting our lives are. So here's whats been going on behind the scene of the Halbert household.


Just recently Jared and I found out some exciting news. Once we were married we decided to take the next step in our lives, maybe a little earlier than we expected. A few weeks ago I decided to pee on a stick. Well that stick happened to be a pregnancy test. To my surprise it showed up positive! I decided I wanted to surprise Jared that morning when he got back from feeding our neighbors dog. I created this scavenger hunt for him. When he walked in the door there was a paper that said, "Solve the clues that will lead you to your surprise." In each room there was a clue telling where the next one would be. Finally it lead to our bedroom where I had laid a paper saying, "Congrats you are going to be a father," with the positive pregnancy on top of it. He was shocked! We both can't be any more excited and we are looking forward to being parents. Wow, that sounds so weird!

Yep, this is the actual stick I peed on!


One thing Jared and I have been really busy with is weddings. I can't believe how many people have got married in the past few months. It has been a crazy few months. We even have a few more coming up in the next few weeks. Jared has been shooting a few weddings lately. His pictures look amazing! If anyone needs pictures done give Jared a call. He can do anything from family photos to weddings, you name it. One wedding I particularly enjoyed was one of my very best friends Caitlin Owens, who is actually Caitlin Beach now. I am glad to see my friends settling down and starting a life with their soul mate. On Caitlin's bridle shower invitation there was this saying that I love. It read, "You don't marry someone you can live with, you marry someone you can't live without." At least I think that is how it went, somewhere within those lines. This I agree with 100%.

Just a few out of hundreds of amazing pictures Jared has taken!

Congrats to Derek and Kaela on October 11th!


Me and Jared were called to be Sunday School Teachers for the precious Sunbeams. We absolutely adore them. There are only four of them in this picture, but we actually have six all together. The two that are missing are Jenna and Birkley, cute kids also. These kids have been such a blessing to our lives. They are smart little buggers too!

Phoenix Mercury Game!

Those of you who do not know who the Mercury team is, let me tell you. Pretty much they are the girls Sun's basketball team. These girls are hard core and believe me when I say you would not want to fight them. Their muscles are HUGE!!! Besides us, the rest of the stands were filled with dikes.

Outside the Mercury Game

Chillin with Amare Stoudemire