Sunday, January 25, 2009

My pregnant belly!

I would have to admit, my belly is a little bigger than I hoped for being 6 months a long. That's ok though, I have been having a wonderful pregnancy and I can't complain.

Jaxon is on his way!

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New Mexico!

Jared and I went on a little weekend vacation to New Mexico. Jared's friend, Phillip Killian, lives on a Ranch up there that his family owns. They own about 74,ooo acres of land! We had a blast learning how to live like a cowboy for a weekend. Hanging out with the cows, bulls and horses was great, but the best part was hanging out with Phil and his sweet wife. Thanks so much you guys for letting us come over on such short notice and showing us a wonderful time.

Jared learning how to ride, cowboy style.
Me and Joey (Phillip's baby horse)

Jared and Phil

Looking good!
Jared learning how to rope.

Me and Poncho Villa (Phillip's dog)