Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jax to the Max

I can't count the number of times I hear, "your baby is so cute". This post goes out to Jaxon. We have been blessed with not only a cute son, but a good son as well. He can go days without a bath (like his daddy) and still not complain. He can have spit up all over his body and still be smiling. What a great baby. As we are in the most random places, cities, stores people stop and look at the little dude. We are proud parents. Needless to say, all parents probably say the same thing about their own children. Even if he was ugly, he would be cute in our eyes and of course in Gods eyes.


Eric, Lexi and Reagan said...

Ya...but he really is cute so it makes it even easier!

The Thompson's said...

He really is cute! He's my cute baby nephew and I love him! He's growing so much!

Amber+Josh+Braiden Jarvis said...

Oh my gosh i cannot believe how much he's grown since the last time i saw him! He looks just like cameron! He is a dolly you are sure blessed with such a cute little guy! Yes i am pregnant again, my secret was starting to get out so i went ahead and posted it on my blog! I already got to hear the heart beat and it's still alive and kickin! Can't feel it kick yet but i can feel where they baby is when i lay flat on my back! I forget how cool it is to be pregnant! Hope all is well! Love and miss you guys!