Friday, March 19, 2010


Jaxon got sick about a month ago. He wasn't getting any better so we took him to the doctor. The doctor took a sample of Jaxon's snot and sent it into the lab. Test results came back and he had RSV. RSV is a virus that goes around at a certain time of year that affects the baby's lungs, so they have a hard time breathing and stuff. Well for about a week and a half we had to give him treatments about 4 times a day. Now I am excited to say he has fully recovered and is healthy again!


Danielle Larson said...

I want to see you and your baby..although I am not sure if we are going to go back packing with you guys this weekend..I have a very busy Saturday that I have a lot to do. But, SOON lady we will get together! Ps I am also happy to see your cutie is healthy again.

Danielle Larson said...

I would love to be your gym partner..I have such a crappy schedule so I either have to go super early around 6 AM or around 6 PM I have a gym membership at LA Fitness {hopefully you do too??}. I feel like all I put into my mouth is sugar and I really need to be better, I feel like I'm lazy 24/7. We should talk more I would love to know how everything works!! P.S How in the heck are you??