Monday, April 7, 2008

The boring stuff.....WORK

We both have new a way. Candice has been promoted at AST Capital Trust to work in the operations department, which deals with updating broker and third party administrative info. Also making sure fund companies are up to date on important life or death information. Jared's new/old hobby is photography. Although doing it since high school, he has more recently tried to make a penny or two doing it. He's shot two weddings in the last month. With a few more events scheduled this year. We are both very excited as we learn and grow in our new fields.


Lindsee said...

Wow Jared! I had no idea...very good work!

Josh & Amber said...

Yay you updated! Good job jared on those pictures! Maybe you can take me and josh's family pictures or our temple sealing pictures! I will let ya know!