Monday, April 7, 2008

The Claw

let us catch you up on our lives. Our hobby is the claw machines (you know, the stuffed animal machine like the one on Toy Story). We started doing this on our honeymoon and soon were caught in its addicting snare. Every time we see a machine, we have to play it. We now have eleven of those fur balls. Probably spent a total of $30. Some of you may laugh, but hey, it's better than those of you who spend this money on fast food, or the latest dvd, or a new hair doo, or a run down victory lane at Speedway, oh wait, that would have been funner. Candice's favorite is the little purple dinosaur on the left side of the picture. Making sure Jared had it when we were at Dave and Busters this last week. His hands were full of stuffed toys and she kept checking to make sure the little purple dinosaur was still there. Jared's favorite is the Simpson mom. One of our goals is to get the whole Simpson family. So keep your eyes open and if you see a character from the simpsons in a glass cage with a claw above it, then please contact us via text message with the address and location.