Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Mom, I can't figure this darn thing out!"

This is Jaxon trying to figure out how to suck his thumb. Only problem is, he can't figure out which finger it is.

What do you know he actually figured out how to get his thumb in his mouth, but this time he can't figure out how to curl his figures so he just leaves them on his face.


The Thompson's said...

Ok, that is just too funny!

Chase and Shalyse Rogers said...

Jaxon is just so dang beautiful!! Good job mama and dada!

Cory and Kristyn McLaws said...

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josh and allie said...

HOW CUTE! Your little Jaxon is so precious! Congrats, welcome to motherhood!


josh and allie said...

p.s. just found your blog, mine is private, you can go to and leave a comment with your email. ill send you an invite if you want.

Liz & Ty said...

Your lil man is TOO cute!!! I'm so glad to see your doing well besides being deprived of sleep. I'll be there soon!