Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Cali Trip 2010

My mom and dad decided it was time for a vacation. I guess because of dad's busy work schedule and mom's busy taking care of me schedule, they figured it was time to get away. I didn't mind. 18 hours in a car seat sounded like a blast. Looking for balloons, cars, and anything else that ran across the windshield. I knew my other friends would be jealous, so I signed up. We stayed in Garden Grove, CA at some fancy hotel dad got off of hotwire.com. Not that I own stock in hotwire, but I figured I'd throw out a name. Right when those big glass doors opened up, I saw a ball in Mickey Mouse's hand and knew I could make this place work.

We cruised PCH. From Long Beach to Newport Beach...nothing but fly honnies. The first day we chilled at Newport and I tried get the feel of the sand between my toes down. That was weird. I kept trying to escape the salty dirty feel, but my parent persisted I play in it. The next day we went out to the Aquarium of the Pacific for a few hours. I never seen a fish bigger than me until that day. It was nice riding in the stroller with the top pulled down looking at all the colored fish. I eventually went out back and saw sharks and stingrays. These things were slimy.

The water was a bit trippy, but I got use to it after a while.
Got a nice little tan in Huntington B, then headed home.


The Neerings Family said...

:o) You're a lucky guy, Jaxon!

The Thompson's said...

lol! I love how you had Jaxon write the blog post! You should do that more often! So hilarious!